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Please note: Due to the fact that Meca is a robotic girl who was just created, there are some nude images of her. These images are not much worse than a Barbie doll without clothes, but if you are offended by such things then read the image descriptions before clicking on them.

Image policy.

Please note also that all these scans were scanned by Hitsuji. Please credit her and the website before taking ANY images onto your own website. The front page image is done and modified by Hitsuji and may not be taken without permission. If you do see this image, please notify the webmaster that it was taken without permission.

Color head shot of Meca
Nude full-body color image of Meca
Hoshiko in her lab coat
Hoshiko looking pretty
Cheerful Meca
Meca surrounded by daisies
Bishounen Takeda
Kawaii Tokusei
Meca sweeping up bolts
Hoshiko made the mistake of saying "baka robo"
Meca with Tokusei on her head
Meca just being cute
Meca wearing a kimono
Meca carrying a teapot
Dreamy Takeda