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About Toki*Meka

Toki*Meka is the most recent manga created by Takeuchi Naoko. It was first released in the September issue of Nakayoshi after Naoko-sensei's very long absence. The name Toki*Meka is a kind of pun: "tokimeki" is a Japanese word for a heartbeat and "mecha" is a word for anything mechanical or robotic.

It appears to be an accumulation of all of her past works, with an interesting new style that may be the result of influence from her husband, Togashi-sensei. While it is obviously the same kind of art we have come to know and love in Sailor Moon, she now uses computer enhancement (something she admitted to never using in any of her SM images). Togashi-sensei's influence is also obvious, especially in the hair and eyes. Naoko-sensei's way of drawing Takeda's eyes is significantly different from that of the males in her earlier manga, which more closely resembled female eyes (in fact, Takeda himself looks somewhat like Killua from Hunter X Hunter, one of Togashi-sensei's manga). Hair styles, as well, are no longer as flat or symmetrical as they were in earlier works.

The story is a sweet, yet quirky one. It varies between her classic idea of a young girl falling in love with a boy and a near parody of robotic girl anime.

In other words, Toki*Meka is a beautiful, witty, hybrid.